The Faculty of Nursing offers a Post-Master’s Nurse Practitioner (NP) Diploma program that prepares students to be eligible for licensing as a Nurse Practitioner by the College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CARNA). Experienced nurses prepare to practice as adult health nurse practitioners, primarily in acute care settings. Nurse Practitioners engage in the full scope of nursing practice including medical diagnosis, ordering of diagnostic tests, and prescription of drugs.

The NP Diploma program is designed for full-time studies over a one-year period with a focus on adult health nurse practitioner preparation.

The NP Diploma can be pursued as a stand-alone program at the post-master’s level, or in conjunction with the Master of Nursing course-based degree program. In this integrated program route (commonly referred to as the MN/NP), students earn a Master’s degree and the NP Diploma concurrently.

The future offerings of the PMNP are contingent on the availability of funding and faculty resources. Also, please note that the PMNP program is capped. We receive a significant number of applications from qualified students for whom we do not have space. As part of our competitive process, applicants will be rated according to overall GPA, grades in courses relevant to the program, references, the quality of the application essay, and the number of (adult-focused) clinical hours. Applicants are expected to enter the program with a significant level of expertise in their intended area of focus.