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The University of Calgary Department of Oncology/Alberta Cancer Foundation Fellowship Positions for 2022-23


The Department of Oncology at the University of Calgary in conjunction with the Alberta Cancer Foundation (ACF) and other donors, is pleased to offer six fellowships for the academic year 2022-23. Of the six, four are awarded in an open competition format, and two are site-specific awards. The site-specific fellowships are in Radiation Oncology (Lavina Knight Fellowship) and Sarcoma (Cameron Daye Fellowship).


APPLICATIONS are open to all trainees who have completed core training in an oncology discipline and are seeking to enhance their clinical and/or research skills. THERE IS A LARGE PATIENT POPULATION in Calgary, Alberta, Canada which will help our fellows enhance their clinical skills. Fellows will be trained under direct supervision of leading specialists in oncology. Training will take place at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre, Foothills Medical Centre, or Alberta Children’s Hospital, depending on the focus of the fellowship. SCHOLARLY ACTIVITY is a requirement for fellows, and projects may be clinical, health policy, or translational research-related. There is a strong research association through the Arnie Charbonneau Cancer Institute as well as excellent population health and epidemiologic research support available. ALL RESIDENCY PROGRAMS in the Department of Oncology are fully accredited through the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, thus ensuring an excellent training atmosphere for multi-disciplinary cancer research and outstanding patient care.   IN ACCORDANCE with Canadian immigration requirements, preference will be given to Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada. The University of Calgary respects, appreciates, and honours diversity. INTERESTED APPLICANTS will be required to submit a CV, three letters of reference, and a personal statement regarding their interest in pursuing a fellowship in the Department of Oncology at the University of Calgary. REMUNERATION will be commensurate with clinical experience and in accordance with post-graduate scales as defined by the University of Calgary.


PLEASE CONTACT THE FELLOWSHIP DIRECTOR/SUPERVISORS from the list below for further information:

HEMATOLOGY (Lymphoma/Myeloma) - HEMATOLOGY (Bone Marrow Transplant) -   MEDICAL ONCOLOGY (Cancer Immunotherapy and Cutaneous) -




MEDICAL ONCOLOGY (GU academic/community) - MEDICAL ONCOLOGY (Health Services Research/Real World Evidence) -




PEDIATRIC ONCOLOGY (Experimental Therapeutics) -







Closing date for application is August 30, 2021


Fellowship Opportunities

The fellowship program in the Department of Oncology is expanding. Applications are open to all trainees who have completed core training in an oncology discipline and are seeking to enhance their clinical and/or research skills. Fellowships are of one year duration. The advertisement for fellowship positions is posted each year in April, and the closing date for applications is August 30. Notification of awards is made by October 31, for fellowships beginning the following year, usually on July 1, but start date is negotiable. For information about available Fellowship programs, see the divisional websites or contact the Fellowship director (listed in the fellowship ad on this page). Details about the application procedures for domestic and international fellowships are described in this link: Please read the policies and application procedures carefully. International graduates must pass English proficiency requirements before their application will be considered.

Funding: Clinical Fellows are remunerated annually at a rate commensurate with their level of training. The salary grid of PARA is used as a guide for determining fellows’ reimbursement.

Benefits: Fellowships are paid on a contract basis. Some fellowships include a small amount of benefits of coverage, but some pay no benefits. You are responsible for obtaining Alberta Health coverage as well as any extended health benefits, life/disability insurance that you are interested in.  Information about benefits can be found in the following links:

Residency Training Programs

Gynecology Oncology Program Director: Prafull Ghatage

Program Administrator: Judy McFadzen

Selection Criteria: Applications to the Gynecologic Oncology Program must be received by September 28 of the year prior to the year in which you wish to start your training. The following are required for application: Covering letter explaining why you wish to pursue a career in Gynecologic Oncology, CV, and 3 letters of reference.

Palliative Medicine Program Director: Laurie Lemieux                       

Program Administrator: Dixie Vancak

Selection Criteria: Specific to the Palliative Medicine training program at the University of Calgary, successful applicants will have demonstrated interest in palliative care and commitment to developing expertise and advanced skills in this field of medicine. They will have demonstrated academic and leadership potential. Our program follows the eligibility requirements described by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada for training in the subspecialty of Palliative Medicine ( - Royal College Certification in Internal Medicine, Anesthesiology, or Neurology, or enrolment in a Royal College accredited residency program in these disciplines (see requirements for these qualifications). Entry from other specialties may occur but must follow completion of the primary specialty training and must include the prerequisites of: Twelve (12) months of clinical medicine-based rotations with a minimum of six (6) months at a senior level designed to allow achievement of competencies in the consultation and care of complex medical patients, interprofessional care, and effective communication skills. All candidates must be certified in their primary specialty in order to be eligible to write the Royal College certification examination in adult Palliative Medicine. Residents with the following levels of training are eligible to apply: Internal Medicine: PGY3, Neurology: PGY4 or PGY5, and Anesthesiology PGY4 or PGY5. Other Royal College specialty program in which the requirements specified above have been achieved: final year of training program. For more information, and who to contact, please Click Here. For information on the program and the application process, please Click Here.

Surgical Oncology Program Director: Antonie Bouchard-Fortier     

Program Administrator: Judy McFadzen

For information on the program and the application process, please Click Here.

Radiation Oncology Program Director: Shaun Loewen

Program Administrator: Melissa Watkins

For information on the program and the application process, please Click Here.

Medical Oncology Program Director: Nimira Alimohamed                  

Program Administrator: Mary Lynn Pedora

Selection Criteria: Three to four residents are accepted into the program each year.  The following are required for application to the program: Curriculum Vitae, Covering Letter describing why you wish to pursue a career in Medical Oncology and why you would be interested in training in Calgary, and 3 Letters of Reference.